I’ve long been interested in cultures of volleyball. By this I mean how people think about volleyball and the role the sport has in their lives.

More recently I have been carefully considering the culture I would like to establish in my teams. Sir Ken Robinson defines culture quiet simply as “the way we do things round here”. And it is with this in mind that I have considered my practice.

I want there to be a clear understanding among my players that we have a particular way of working. That we have high standards of ourselves and our teammates. That when we fail, and we will fail, we will learn and move on.

I value punctuality, and so to instil this in my team I encourage that I am punctual.

I value honesty and compassion, and so to instill this I encourage that I am honest, and compassionate.

I want my players to arrive at training rea 1st to work hard and invest effort into themselves and the team, and so to encourage this I make sure my sessions are well prepared, engaging and suited to meet the needs of my athletes.

It has occurred to me that the culture of the team is a reflection of my attitudes, actions and beliefs. I have learnt this the hard way. I have exhibited behaviours which are opposite to those above. And I have seen the manifestion of a culture which confirms my new beliefs very strongly.

I am considered to be a strong technician and tactician of volleyball. But I have always struggled with developing teams which play volleyball with the attitude I would have hoped. Previously I have blamed players for mindset. Now I have taken responsibility for it though I am already seeing progress.


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